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One month of school lunches no repeats, no PB & J!

If you are like me then packing your child's lunch everyday can make you feel like Superman wrapped in Kryptonite, 
you just can't muster up the energy to pack another PB and J.  I am not an expert and by no means am I Betty Crocker,
 but I have some ideas that will make your lunch making mornings less boring, more healthy and gratifying, 
and the opening of the lunchbox at the lunchroom table more fun.

To start your are going to need a lunch box that has compartments for packaging different foods.  
Cheap is okay as long as it doesn't leak fruit juices.

Lets begin with taking sandwiches off the menu completely, (she says as moans erupt).  BUT, it is not an impossible task.  Your focus is nutrition right?  Healthy meals your kids will want to eat, and that you don't mind packing?  So, let's think outside the box a bit and try new things, some will be hits and others flops but we tried right?   When making these and other lunches think, "how can I use my leftovers from dinner?"
(skewers can be pop sickle sticks)

Peanut Butter & Banana Roll-ups
pita or tortilla bread stuffed with peanut butter and 1 banana, cut up
pretzels and apple wedges

Strawberries & Cream Cheese Roll-ups
pita or tortilla bread layered and rolled up with lite Cream cheese, whipped 
5-6 strawberries, cut into quarters
yogurt and berries

Turkey and cheese roll ups
Roll deli or fresh turkey in your favorite cheese and pin with pretzel stick
add baked crackers, cups of fresh fruit
crunchy carrot sticks and ranch dip.

Mini Caprese Skewers
use pop-sickle sticks and alternate tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil leaf
add fresh fruits, yogurt and baked crackers for a crunch

Ham cheese and tomato skewers 
Skewer grape tomato bottom follow with ham then cheese, ham then cheese, throw in a cucumber slice for crunch
and top with tomato top
add fresh fruit and yogurt separately

Leftover Chicken Salad & Skewer the fruits
Skewer pineapple chunk, then green grape, strawberry, red grape
mix up leftover chicken into chicken salad with grapes and pecans
add flat bread for rolling up, pretzels for a crunch

Stack able Lunch
Turkey pepperoni, Swiss cheese in squares
butter crackers in stacks, red grapes, carrots

Ham and American cheese, rolled up in a tortilla and sliced into pinwheels
strawberries, carrots and pretzels

Spanish Pinwheels
Take lite cream cheese and spice with taco seasoning
Spread on Tortilla and roll up rotisserie chicken cut into wheels
add cherry tomatoes, fresh fruit and yogurt

toss leftover pasta with Zesty Italian Dressing add pea pods, leftover rotisserie chicken
have grapes and yogurt on the side

Roll up
Roast beef and cheese pin with pretzel stick
add carrots, apple wedges, and yogurt

Homemade or store bought Granola
yogurt, strawberries, apple wedges and Nilla wafers

Roll up rotisserie chicken, have salsa and chips on the side
add fresh guacamole

BLT Roll up
Flat bread with cream cheese, bacon, shredded lettuce rolled and cut into pinwheels
Fresh fruit and yogurt, goldfish

No Meat
Banana bread
yogurt, raisins and apple wedges

Bread sticks, marinara dip, mozzarella cheese cubed
Pepperoni slices, fresh fruit, small side salad

Noodles tossed with pesto, Parmesan cheese chunks
tomatoes and basil
crunchy bread sticks

The Nibbler
Goldfish crackers, raisins, cheese stick, apple wedges
and peanut butter for dipping

Pita or tortilla for rolling up
pulled pork, shredded cheddar cheese
pineapple slices and berries

Pizza 2
English Muffin, marinara sauce
Shredded Mozzarella cheese
fresh fruits and yogurt

Breakfast Lunch
Pancakes, bacon
Berries and yogurt
Fresh fruit